RAAR is the reflection of a generation looking for its future in a chaotic world.
We get drunk on life, we seek love and we flee the void.
We reflect, we ask ourselves questions and we let ourselves live.
It's more than ever the time to get started
Create this world that we imagine in dreams.
Nothing is frozen, everything is to be done
And we intend to participate in the celebration.
It all started in the Parisian suburbs at the end of the 90s.
A duo was born, which nothing until now has been able to separate.
In an environment where injustices are common,
convictions become clearer and ambition is built.
It is in this tense climate that their common passions will be born.
for art, fashion and hiphop.
All these influences will confront each other, merge and end up harmonizing.
The duo of friends became designers and undertook the creation of RAAR PARIS.
RAAR is pleasant clothing that lasts and expresses strong ideas.
In the designs are explored human psychology, art and emotions.
But not only.
Raar is a vast and complex universe
which gradually unfolds
and that everyone can interpret in their own way.
Welcome to RAAR PARIS.